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This is the item page that just happens to be designated as the Home Page of this application. Not very interesting in itself it is linked to the pages that appear as the main menu across the top of the page. It is referenced in the web.config file and opens when the application opens.

Every page in the ConsenCIS framework is tied to an item in the database. ItemDisplay.aspx is used as the default for most item types and can display any page.

Privacy Policy 
(1/1/7-1/1/8)   Contact our  webmaster using the RequestInfo page on this site for information or complaints.  We don't share the information we collect with anyone. We have made a significant effort to make sure no one can compromise our site to get your data. We use cookies to make the website work. Cookies are a vital part of the authentication process we use. We leave one cookie on your computer so we can provided continuity should you return in the future. We collect click-stream data, HTTP headers and search terms to see who is using the site, how often and how they are finding us. We allow users to voluntarily submit name and address data in order to communicate with us.

Site Technology
ASP.Net 2.0 with SQL Server makes this site go. It is hosted at a commercial hosting facility. The hosting facility offers shared rack mounted servers, high end telecom services and tech support for a low price. The site is written in Visual Basic.Net, C#.Net, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, ADO.Net and more.

About Us
We are ConsenCIS, LLC a Louisiana company engaged in business and information technology consulting.

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