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Danziger Bridge

The Danziger Bridge crosses the Industrial Canal at US 90, just north of the I-10 high rise bridge. It connects Gentilly to New Orleans East. It's in a fairly nasty, highly commercialized, mostly ugly part of town. The bridge itself is notable because of its drawbridge construction.

On Sept 4, 2005 it became the site of one of the most famous and bizarre shootouts in New Orleans history. The so called Danziger Bridge Incident involved the New Orleans Police, perhaps some Army Corps of Engineers contractors, some bad guys, some good guys, a weird guy and later possibly even a helicopter. This may have been one of the incidents that led the national press to report that citizens were shooting at police, prompting FEMA's decision to suspend some rescue operations.

  • Danziger Bridge Incident : The official story is that on the morning of September 4, 2005 the bad guys, called gunmen, shot at the :: Continue reading...

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