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New Orleans is getting on with life. Festivals and food kept the music playing and the crowds rolling.  When everything is in bloom this city smells great. I think it is this smell in the spring and summer that engenders such love for this troubled town.

What were the important headlines in New Orleans in the years since Katrina? Check out the highlights below or follow the chronology.

  1. Saints win the Super Bowl XLIV in 2010, Drew Brees is MVP
  2. Come Home, oops don't come home, OK come home now. 200,000 did not come home. Plenty more now living in St. Tammanard Parish.
  3. FEMA trailers finally arrived, now all gone leaving a lingering scent of formaldehyde.
  4. The New Normal, Katrina Cough, Katrina Fatigue, blue roofs, MRE's and more
  5. LRA's ( long ) Road Home is winding down having delivered  $8.84 billion in 128,824 grants to 229,424 applicants. Fewer than 1,000 awards have yet to close.
  6. Hazard Mitigation grants continue in 2011. Through HMGP you can elevate, get storm windows and doors, make your home safer.
  7. The BP Gulf Oil Spill of 2010 came and went but no one knows where it went
  8. Hurricane Gustav evacuation in 2008
  9. Closure and demolition of four housing projects, Iberville's turn has finally arrived.
  10. HBO's Treme mini series wins awards, additional seasons with a reasonable depiction of music, food, Mardi Gras, crime and anger in the Crescent City.
  11. Snow on December 11, 2009. Hurricane free 2010.
  12. Reelection of Nagin and Jefferson in the "remote control" 2006 elections (huh?). Both end up in federal prison. Landrieu wins in 2010
  13. Completion of 100 year hurricane flood protection June 1, 2011. And then again in 2014 as the Lake Borgne Barrier and West Closure Complex become operational.
  14. Morganza and Bonne Carre both opened to provide flood protection in May 2011
  15. George Bush praises Brownie for a "heck of a" job
  16. Curfew ended in time for Christmas 2005
  17. Danziger 7 convicted of civil right violations 6 years later. New Orleans police still under intense scrutiny.
  18. Inspector General Quatreveaux gets office running after Cerasoli quits. Issues audits, letters, follow ups and more. Focus on cars, criminal courts and cameras sets (an alliterative) tone.
  19. Crime returns to the Big Easy in real life and on Fox TV's K-Ville series. TV series cancelled, real thing remains.
  20. Other productions like Deja Vu, Benjamin Button, The Bad Lieutenant and more fuel a thriving industry based primarily on misrepresenting the city but it is fun to see the stars in town and the city on camera
  21. The Chocolate City serves up Mardi Gras 2006
  22. DA Eddie Jordan convicted of racial discrimination and incompetence resigns Oct 30 2007. Leon Cannizzaro elected in 2008, ending the shocking Article 701 Revolving Door and the "60-day misdemeanor murder" era.
  23. Federal prosecutor finds corruption, or as Capt Renault observed, "I'm shocked, shocked." Corruption found in Congress, city council, school board, police dept, Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, etc. Then USA Letten found corruption in his own office and everyone (well some) had to quit. Nagin sentenced to jail after St. Pierre and Meffert roll over.
  24. Traffic lights resume operation after one year, cameras added to catch miscreants, Jefferson Parish nixes the cameras after  a few months.
  25. October 2006 seven year garbage contract doubles cost to the city. Nagin promises no new fees, Landrieu has to raise rates in 2010 demands curbside recycling per contract.
  26. Hurricane Isaac settles over New Orleans for 48 hours to commemorate the 7th Anniversary of Katrina. Generators get a workout across the metro area.
  27. Closure of MR. GO signals one small step for the environment but Corps resistance to restoring the wetlands prevents one giant step for Louisiana. Morganza to the Gulf approved for $10B.
  28. Fix Our Streets gains strength as a political movement.
  29. Tolls removed from the CCC Bridge.
Let me know what events you think were most important to the city.

  • The First Year - 2005 : Go away, come back, wait, OK come back now. The Chocolate City emerges from the goo and finds bleu roofs to be the New Normal. Katrina Cough and Refrigerator Art dominate the social scene. :: Continue reading...
  • 2 The Second Year : It’s really beginning to set in. This city is moving towards a different future. The sooner New Orleans accepts this as fact, the better the recovery will be. :: Continue reading...
  • 3 The Third Year : Year 3 started August 30, 2007 with the city's flood protection unchanged. Coastal erosion is continuing unabated, the levees still have gaps :: Continue reading...
  • 4 The Fourth Year -2008 : It's 3 pm August 28th, the last day of the third year since Katrina, and it's hotter than blazes in the Crescent City. The Saints play another of their preseason games in the Dome tonight and Barack Obama is set to address the crowd at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, but there is only one story being told in this town. :: Continue reading...
  • 5 The Fifth Year : A year and a half ago Barack Obama said,  "I promise you that when I'm in the White :: Continue reading...
  • 6 The Sixth Year : As the sixth year AK (After Katrina) dawns in N.O., Saints fever grips the city. :: Continue reading...
  • 7 The Seventh Year - 2011 : A new Year dawns in the Crescent City. A smoky marsh fire near Bayou Sauvage casts its hazy pall over the city but few are concerned. Air conditioners have been running full out all month and will not be shut off until Halloween. :: Continue reading...
  • 8 The Eighth Year : A visit from Isaac on day one of the new anniversary started this year with a bang. A week without power reminded me of the benefits of the 20th (not 21st) century. We took a long look at the past and it is ugly. :: Continue reading...
  • 9 The Ninth year : Obama announced on August 31 that he wanted to smack Syria :: Continue reading...
  • 10 The Tenth Year - 2014 : Ten Years is a long time and here's what we've learned: :: Continue reading...
  • 11 The Eleventh Year : After a decade of talking about this we seem to be forgetting :: Continue reading...
  • 12 The Twelfth Year : August 29th marked the middle of another mild Gulf hurricane season and the eleventh anniversary of our storm. :: Continue reading...
  • 13 The Thirteenth Year :
    Why is thirteen considered unlucky? Is it Biblical? :: Continue reading...

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